We are always looking for volunteers age 12 and up.  Share your love of the game with some great kids and make a real difference in someone's life.  Earn valuable community service hours for college or valuable experience if you are looking for a career in Special Education or Occupational Therapy.
If you are an adult aged 18 or older, we require a background check on all of our adult volunteers.  Be sure to download the correct form and bring it with you on the first day you volunteer.
Don't worry if you have no previous experience or don't know much about soccer.  We will teach you all you need to know.
Download Volunteer form (Student)
Download Volunteer Form (Adult)

Training Videos

Prepare for your first day with these videos

What should you expect?  What is expected of you?  These videos will answer a lot of questions you may have and help you become comfortable with working with athletes with special needs.  You got this! 

Video #1 - Introduction to TOPSoccer

Video #2 - Player disabilities

Video #3 - Roles & Responsibilities for Buddies

Video #4 - Conclusion

​Tips for first time volunteers

​If you are having fun then the player you are working with is going to have fun too.  Just like any child, these players can pick up on your mood and excitement levels so really enjoy yourself.  Celebrate successes with high-fives and fist-bumps. Smile as much as possible.  The players will give you their best if you are fully engaged with them.

​You are here to work as well.  Please don't spend time kicking the ball with a friend once you have been assigned a player to work with.  Give the player 100% of your attention for the short time you are with them.

​The only time you should not be with your player is if they need to use the restroom.  Their parents are on site and they will handle that.  Otherwise, unless instructed differently, go with your player wherever they go including all water breaks.

​If your player wants to do something differently from the group, that's ok.  Roll with it.  Give them a few minutes and see if they want to re-join the group a few minutes later.  Even if they are doing something different from the group, the one-on-one socialization you are providing them is very important.

​If you are not sure what to do in a certain situation, just ask the coach or an experienced volunteer.  We don't mind and we don't expect you to know everything given your experience level.  If needed, you can ask the player's parent for help or suggestions as well.

​Try not to take it personally.  It likely has nothing to do with you.  Many of our players can get upset from something that happened earlier in the day and it may carry forward into our time with them.  Try your best to calm them down and have fun.  Ask for help if you struggle with a behavior issue.

​We always end the sessions with small sided games that are based on the player's age and ability levels.

​If you are with a high functioning, mobile player, they may not need your help during the game.  Stand off to the sidelines and endlines and help keep the game moving by keeping the ball from going out of bounds.  If possible, pass it to a player that you recognize may not have touched the ball recently.

​If your player needs your help to play, focus on getting them into good positions to receive the ball and help guide the ball to their feet.  It is ok to sometimes provide some "blocking" for them to make sure they get a few touches on the ball.  Use your good judgment on when this is necessary

​A volunteer never shoots or scores, they only help facilitate play.

​Let the player know that you enjoyed your time with them and encourage them to keep learning and playing soccer.

If you had a good time, please come back again.  We are always looking for players and volunteers so please let people know about our program so everyone can have fun.